Project services

Etha wind can provide its customers with project services at all stages of a wind power project, from development to operational supervision.

Development services

During the development phase, the goal of the Owner’s engineer service is to ensure that the entire project runs smoothly and on schedule. Stakeholder communication and coordination are essential. This means collaboration and open communication with the project owner/developer, landowners, the municipality, local residents and the land use planner.

Our job is to ensure that the project is well structured and that the performed studies have been carefully made. Each of our projects shall withstand both public review and possible complaints. Open communication, as well as informing and listening to the public at an early stage of the project, is required. The project impact, both the positive and negative, must be translated into factual and understandable terms for all stakeholders. Some of the stakeholders benefit directly from the project, others indirectly, for example through the municipal tax revenue. In addition to these benefits, the projects are providing carbon free energy for a cleaner world.

Construction services

During the construction phase, we monitor that the contracts are executed in the agreed manner and that the conditions mentioned in the permits are followed. In addition, we oversee that the workers on the project site are operating in a lawful manner and in compliance with labour and work safety laws. The on-site staff of the construction company is responsible for the ongoing supervision of the actual construction.  

Operational services

We do operational supervision with the Basefield monitoring system. The monitoring system consists of software and a computer used to collect data on turbine production. The software monitors that the turbines are working properly and delivering energy as planned. The Bazefield software is used in 30 % of Finnish windfarms.

Project services