Smart wind power projects

Etha Wind in Vaasa has the largest team of consultants in Finland specialised in wind power development. They are experts in developing wind farms and optimising their feasibility. Etha Wind is an independent expert that only recommends projects it can stand behind both in public meetings and face-to-face with the customer.

A smart wind power project serves the environment and generates cost-effective energy

The starting point for a wind power project is taking all the stakeholder groups and their different viewpoints equally into account. To guarantee a good result, it is important for all the parties involved to understand the advantages and drawbacks a wind farm will bring.

“Before we start with a wind power project, we carry out a screening study in which we opine on whether implementing a wind farm will be beneficial for the environment and sensible in terms of profitability. During this work, we examine the wind power project from the point of view of the environment, the municipality’s residents and landowners, as well as investors.  It is particularly important to us to act in a transparent way and show respect for all the parties involved,” says Staffan Asplund, Managing Director of Etha Wind.

Wind power brings benefits for municipal economies and taxpayers

Electricity produced through wind power is currently the most cost-effective form of generating energy. The wind farms Etha Wind works with are built without subsidies, using private funding. For the municipalities where the wind farms are located, the farms produce both real estate tax and corporate tax revenues, which may become a significant source of income for the municipality.

“A smart wind power project produces tax revenues locally; in addition, it shall produce energy below the market price in order to be profitable. Etha Wind will only get involved with projects that have been planned to the last detail and that will achieve the lowest possible production costs.”  

To make sure that the projects will be able to utilise the most advanced technology and expertise, Etha Wind follows best practices related to wind power project development carried out around the world. As a part of our continuous improvement thinking we focus on building more feasible windfarms with lower environmental impact.

Risk-free revenue for landowners, while taking care of the environment

Planning and building a wind farm always bring up a lot of questions, and Etha Wind’s experts are more than happy to answer them.  The most frequently asked questions concern the effects of wind farms on people, the environment and the surrounding landscape. Etha Wind has done a considerable amount of studies on all of these issues.

The company compiles some 50 plans for wind farms every year. A wind farm plan includes reports on wind conditions, energy production and the environment. The reports always contain a straightforward summary, conclusions and recommendations for going forward.

“When carrying out planning activities, we organise an event for the public where everyone who wants have a chance to ask our experts questions about wind power. Events for the public also teach us a great deal: we learn about the details and broader aspects that we need to take into account in our planning work to ensure we achieve the best possible result that will serve everyone” Asplund explains.

Attractive opportunities for investors

“We want to optimise wind farms to make them into attractive, smart investment opportunities that meet all the investor demands. At the same time, we are not afraid to be honest and say that carrying out a wind power project is not smart either for economical or environmental reasons, if that is the case.”

In all its operations, Etha Wind complies with the Equator Principles, a risk management framework, to make sure that the wind power project in question meets all the criteria for social and environmental requirements. Compliance with these principles gives investors assurance that all the considerations required by laws and regulations have been taken into account In project planning

“Our job is to examine the entire project with a critical eye and detect any aspects that may cause problems. On the basis of this analysis, we can provide an assessment on the implement ability of the project and, if necessary, its value.”

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Staffan Asplund, Managing Director
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Caroline Kullbäck, DD Manager