EIA- Announcement

As of today, the program for participation and assessment for Juthskogen Windfarm is on public display. Windfarm Juthskogen in Malax is located in the area of Juthskogen, about ten kilometres from Malax’s center to the southeast in the area between interstate 8 and Ribäcksvägen which runs on the western side of the interstate. Construction of 20-26 wind turbines is planned in the project area.  

Etha Wind Oy, with engineer and authorized planner Toni Lustila at the forefront, serves as an EIA consultant for the Juthskogen project. Etha Wind, on behalf of project developer JWP Juthskog Wind Park Ab, has prepared the program for participation and assessment, which will be on public display between 25.6-23.8.2019. The program can be found at the technical department of the municipality, Malax municipality library and on the municipality’s website.

In case of questions, please contact project manager Toni Lustila. Toni can be reached by telephone on 0400 257 212 or by e-mail toni.lustila@ethawind.com. 

More information about the project can be found on Malax municipality’s website and on the joint website of Finland’s environmental administration: https://www.ymparisto.fi/fi-FI/Asiointi_luvat_ja_ymparistovaikutusten_arviointi/Ymparistovaikutusten_arviointi/YVAhankkeet/Tuulivoimapuisto_Juthskogen_Maalahti (in Finnish)