Supporting Sustainable Business – The expert in wind energy projects in Finland and the Nordics

The core of our business is to support the development of energy projects that are both feasible and environmentally sustainable. For us “environmentally sustainable” means that the project is beneficial for the people, the society and the nature affected by the project.

Our business is based on strong engineering and business expertise. We implement projects as a team and have an excellent command of the entire wind project development process, all the way to implementing the project transactions or providing operational supervision. The team’s most important task is to promptly and reliably determine whether the project is reasonable and profitable for the stakeholders. We are independent and participate only in projects we can be proud of.

We are the only wind energy project development consultant in Northern Europe. You can choose us as a partner for the entire project journey, from development to implementation, or as an expert for a specific task.

Etha Wind – Sustainable Business