Wind farm project design

A wind farm screening study, and the wind farm design based on it, is the first and most important step in wind farm planning. Based on the screening study, it is decided whether the project is reasonable from both an environmental and a business perspective. Professional screening studies ensure that the project has the best chances of being realized.

We make or review about 50 wind farm designs annually. The core of our business is to be involved in projects that are both feasible and profitable, not just to sell expert services. When doing a screening study, if we can see that the project does not have the right wind or environmental conditions, we will inform the customer before any major costs occur.  

We specialize in wind farm optimization

Optimization means maximizing production while taking noise, flicker and other environmental aspects into consideration. This allows us to increase the value of the project. Based on our experience, we can nearly always improve the profitability of a planned wind farm by updating existing plans.  

The wind farm design includes wind, energy and environmental studies. Our reports contain a clear summary, conclusions and follow-up recommendations.

Managing the overall process

Etha Wind’s expertise is based on managing the overall process of wind power projects. In the screening phase, our team uses calculation models to determine wind and production volumes. We have made use of public production data produced by the Energy Authority and compared them with theoretical calculations. If necessary, we utilize this knowledge as a base in the screening phase to produce realistic reports and to demonstrate feasible projects.

Conducting environmental studies requires experience and expertise. In addition, proper consideration of various stakeholders right from the screening stage is essential for the smooth running of the project. This also involves open and understandable communication with all stakeholders.