Transaction support

As we have experience in every aspect of the permitting process, we are an ideal partner for project evaluation and Due Diligence analysis. Etha Wind can provide transaction support for both buyers and sellers.

Support for the buyer

When we act as consultants for buyers, our Due Diligence report supports the definition of the project value. We go through the project step-by-step, starting with the profitability calculation and moving on to the production analysis, reviewing the selected turbine productivity, the wind analysis, the investment plan and the project location.

Our task is to look at the whole project critically and see if there are any problems. On this basis, we can provide the buyer with a project-specific feasibility calculation and, if necessary, also a project value opinion.

Support for the seller

When acting as the seller’s consultant, we can take responsibility for the entire sales process. We make a project teaser and DD report, and maintain all documents that are sent to the buyer as the sale process progresses. We contact potential buyers and arrange meetings, and we receive and evaluate offers. We also coordinate the negotiation process.   

Our principle is to be involved only in implementable projects, making our presence beneficial for both the seller and the buyer. We differ from other project mediators since we know the projects thoroughly; wind, technology, project development and construction. We can both look at individual elements of the project and at the project as a whole.