Technical Due Diligence

We understand the importance of flexibility and speed in a Due Diligence Process.

A good DD consultant can see both the forest and the trees. The consultant has an eye for even the smallest details, while at the same time understanding how these details contribute to the big picture and affect the whole project. We believe that the biggest pitfalls in a Due Diligence process are focusing on the wrong things and insufficient communication among the parties involved.

Why is Etha Wind such a great DD partner?

  • We have extensive experience of Due Diligence projects for the wind power industry. More than half of the Etha Wind team has got hands-on Due Diligence experience.
  • Through our project development services we have hands-on experience from the full development process. In other words, we understand the importance of project quality and understand the risks.
  • We are local and know how the Finnish society works.
  • We understand the importance of flexibility and speed in a DD process.

Our Due Diligence services

We provide Due Diligence services for Buyers, Sellers, and Lenders. Depending on the services requested we can customize the final report to include your desired scope.

Example of a typical Due Diligence scope:

  • We assess whether all land lease agreements needed for the construction and operation of a wind or a solar farm are in place.
  • We review and assess all permits required for the project.
  • We review the grid connection agreement.
  • We review the environmental impacts of the project.
  • We assess and review the performance of the site.
  • We perform site visits and turbine walkdowns.
  • We perform reviews of all contracts required for the construction and operation of a wind or a solar farm.
  • We conduct compliance reviews against different Environmental and Social Governance Frameworks (e.g. The Equator Principles and the EIB Environmental and Social Standards).

In all our reviews, we consider timetable impacts and associated risks, which can have an impact on project value. Our task is to look at the whole project critically and see if there are any problems.

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Due Diligence references

Since our first DD project in 2011, we have developed a standardized method to find out value-increasing as well as value-decreasing factors in any wind farm project.







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