Procurement services

Our most important task in procurement services is to propose the investment with the best possible return for the customer. We have negotiated with all major suppliers and have agreed on deliveries with, for example, Gamesa, Nordex, Vestas and Siemens. 

Procuring the right turbine is something completely different than procuring the cheapest turbine. In our procurement, project value is the most typical decision making criteria, but it can equally well be Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE), equity IRR or other key performance indicators.

Outsourcing saves time

By outsourcing procurement to Etha, the customer gets an expert who knows the projects thoroughly. Outsourcing also saves a lot of time.

Initially, the project conditions are defined. We then handle the invitation to tender and related communication, the procurement negotiations, the actual transaction closing, and finally we track the supplier’s deliveries and promises.

We serve our customers from the development phase until construction. In a situation where we have done a customer’s wind estimates and related production and profitability calculations, we have an insight into the project which supports the procurement process. Since we have actively maintained supplier relations we can implement procurements at best possible speed.

Steps in a typical procurement process

  • Defining the project conditions
  • Compiling and releasing the request for Quotation
  • Procurement negotiations
  • Finalization of sale
  • Following supplier deliveries and promises