Permitting services

Our permitting services cover all permits needed for a wind power project. We prepare the necessary reports and studies related to the permits, file the applications, communicate with authorities, and coordinate the overall permitting process.

In the permitting process, it is essential to be familiar with the legislation and to understand the critical steps in the permitting schedule. When the permitting process is professionally managed, the project will also progress on schedule.

A rapid progress

The key to the rapid progress of Etha Wind’s permitting methodology is experience and attitude. We are not only approaching the permitting process from the assignment’s point of view, but our goal is always an implementable project.

Understandable communication and clear language in the documentation will significantly influence the progress of the project. We are familiar with the best practices of municipalities and authorities and we produce material in a format that supports administrative and political processing of permit issues.

Open communication with stakeholders

Open communication with various stakeholders is needed to ensure that the project impact is understood by all concerned parties such as landowners, municipalities, local residents and authorities. In the permitting process, we ensure that the project has a high acceptability level and that all studies have been carefully conducted.

Examples of permitting services

  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Land use planning
  • Deviation permit and STR
  • Building permits
  • Statement requests and negotiations
  • Expert opinion