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Want to optimize your wind or solar farm? We offer various studies needed during the permitting process.

At Etha Wind, we have deep expertise in wind farm optimization, which means maximizing production while taking noise, flicker and other environmental aspects into consideration. This allows us to increase the value of the project. Based on our experience, we can nearly always improve the profitability of a planned wind farm by updating the existing layout.

Layout optimization

Etha Wind helps you get the most out of your wind or solar farm. The layout has a direct impact on the farm’s performance. An optimized layout can bring a substantial amount of added value to the project by minimizing production losses and maximizing the energy yield.

Noise studies

Noise assessments are a central part of the permitting process as a wind project can only receive permitting approval if it is compliant with the regulatory limit values.

Flicker studies

Flicker studies are a central part of the permitting process for wind farms. By ensuring that flicker levels are limited, the project owner also ensures that the permitting process goes smoothly. Flicker calculations are typically needed in both the EIA, Land Use Plan and Building Permit phase.

Photomontages, ZVI and 3D models

Our 3D model can be considered the next generation visual impact assessment tool, as it gives an interactive prediction on how the landscape will be affected by the wind or solar farm. Photomontages and ZVI (Zone of Visual Impact) studies are prepared in the permitting process as well, in order to visualize and evaluate the visual impact of the wind farm.

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Optimizing projects has been our way of working from the very start. During the years, we have carried out a great deal of consulting projects in this field.







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