Feasibility calculations

We have calculated feasibility calculations for an extensive number of wind power projects in Finland using our own developed feasibility calculation model.

Feasibility calculations are performed as a support for evaluating the feasibility of a project. Our reports always contain a separate sensitivity chapter, because we believe it is important that our customers understand the sensitivities.

We do mainly two different kinds of feasibility calculations:

  • LCoE Calculations
    • Performing an LCoE Calculation (Levelized Cost of Energy) is a way to compare the feasibility of different turbine types. This method is used, for example, when doing turbine procurement. LCoE can also be used for comparing different projects.
  • Valuation Calculations
    • Valuation calculations can work as a support during transactions, when evaluating bids or when placing a bid. Simply put, we calculate the value of the project.
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