Project development services

As the only consultant in Finland, we can take responsibility for a whole wind power project, from the initial idea to the ready-to-build park.

In addition to separate consulting services, we offer overall development services. Our largest service package is a set of all the services that a project owner needs to advance the project from idea to building permit.

The project owner can be a fund, an international developer without personnel in Finland, or a pure investor. Another typical customer group are landowners, who have got part of the project development financing arranged through our parent company Etha are typical customers.

During the development phase, the goal is to ensure that the entire project runs smoothly and on schedule. Stakeholder communication and coordination is essential. This means collaboration and open communication with the project owner, the landowners, the municipality, local residents, authorities and consultants.

Each of our projects has to withstand both public review and possible complaints.

Our job is to ensure that the project is well structured and that the studies performed are carefully made. Open communication, as well as informing and listening to the public at an early stage of the project, are key.

The elements in our service package

The following parts are usually included in our package:

  • Screening study
  • Pre-study
  • Project plan
  • Management of the permitting process
  • Technical studies (noise, flicker, ZVI, photomontages)
  • Management of environmental studies
  • Management of the investor finding process, including data room management, teaser, information memorandum and vendor DD
  • Administration of the project company
  • Detailed wind technical planning and optimisation
  • Conceptual design of grid connection and internal grid
  • Conceptual civil design

Sometimes we also handle the following:

  • Landowner contacts
  • PPA arrangements
  • Turbine procurement
  • Infrastructure procurement
All services

Project development references

We have been involved in wind farm project development since 2003, which gives us a deep understanding of the industry.







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