WRA & EYA Review

Accuracy without on-site measurements

With the EWS22 we want to achieve the best possible wind speed and energy yield estimates for planned wind farms in Finland without on-site measurements

The internally developed estimation method is based on EMD-WRF Europe+ mesoscale data, downscaled to microscale using elevation and roughness data from NLS (the National Land Survey of Finland). In addition to the meso- to microscale adjustment, another adjustment is applied to the data based on data from operational wind farms in Finland. This correction factor is based on the comparison between EMD-WRF Europe+ wind speed estimates and wind speed estimates calculated from production figures for operational Finnish sites. The used production figures are gathered from Energiavirasto.

According to our validations, the WES22-method is significantly more accurate than other common models for early wind estimates such as Tuuliatlas and Global Wind Atlas. Met mast measurement-based wind speed estimates are expected to typically be within 0.2 m/s from the EWS21 estimate.