Production Calculation Bankable Standard

When Accuracy Matters

A Wind Resource and Energy Yield Assessment is usually carried out in the later stages of a project and can be used as basis for feasibility calculations or investment decisions. Thus, the requirements on a wind resource and energy yield assessment are high to limit the uncertainty for the decision makers.

Our WRA & EYA-method follows the Measnet and TR-6 standards. The main focus areas are the measurement campaign, data filtering, long-term normalization, vertical extrapolation, flow model as well as loss and uncertainty analysis. Depending on the site complexity, wind flow modeling is done either using WAsP or the CFD model of WindSim. We aim to use state of the art methods, but also use next generation tools where we see a need (e.g., blockage, wind sector management and icing losses).

Our WRA & EYA report is extensive and explains all the steps of the assessment in detail. The main results of the assessment are the P50, P75 and P90 values for annual net production of the wind farm.