Flicker Studies

Supporting the permitting process

Flicker studies are a central part of the permitting process. By ensuring that flicker levels are limited, the project owner also ensures that the permitting process goes smoothly. Flicker calculations are typically needed in both the EIA, Land Use Plan and Building Permit phase.

Etha Wind considers flicker already in the layout optimization phase, in order to minimize permitting risks, reduce the potential need for Environmental Permits and minimize production losses due to flicker curtailment. Calculation guidelines are carefully followed in all our assessments, and the results are compared against the current guideline values.

Etha Wind does not only perform industry standard assessments, but also looks at the big picture to help the customer make smart project decisions. If deemed necessary, Etha Wind will provide an optimized flicker control strategy to mitigate both the flicker impact and the production losses due to flicker control.