Due Diligence, Technical

Etha Wind has been part of planning and implementing a great portion of all Finnish wind power. Our mission is to create business that is sustainable both for the environment and for the economy.

Etha Wind – Your Local DD Partner

Based on experience within wind farm permitting and development consulting since 2003, Etha Wind is a very well positioned local partner who understands project risks and best practices.

Etha Wind has the biggest pure wind consulting team in Finland consisting of 17 consultants, of which more than half has DD experience. Etha Wind’s DD Projects are managed by Caroline Kullbäck (with personal DD references of more than 7200 MW), supported by the Project Analytics Team and Staffan Asplund (having been ultimately responsible for around 22000 MW of consulting assignments as Managing Director of Etha Wind).

Etha Wind has hands-on direct involvement in the full development process in partnership with several developers/investors on the Finnish market. Based on Etha Wind being involved in delivering fully permitted projects to our customers we have an excellent framework for reviewing project quality and identifying risks.