Transaction references

The list below shows all wind transaction projects carried out by Etha Wind throughout the company’s history.

Order yearCode nameEtha Wind's roleProject sizeProject phase
2022SABroker, Seller's Advisor32 turbines, 320 MWDevelopment
2020PABroker, Seller's Advisor12 turbines, 120 MWDevelopment
2021TEBroker, Seller's Advisor9 turbines, 72 MWDevelopment
2021KEBroker, Seller's Advisor7 turbines, 42 MWLate development, TSA signed
2021KABroker, Seller's Advisor8 turbines, 45 MWLate development, TSA signed
2021POBroker, Seller's Advisor30 turbines, 240 MWDevelopment
2021MBBroker, Seller's Advisor6 turbines, 42 MWDevelopment
2020KLBroker, Seller's Advisor7 turbines, 42 MWDevelopment
2020JUBroker, Seller's Advisor20 turbines, approx. 150 MWDevelopment
2019HUBroker, Seller's Advisor17 turbines, 56 MWDevelopment
2017PYBroker, Seller's Advisor4 turbines, 13,2 MWOperational
2015TABroker, Seller's Advisor5 turbines, 28.5 MWDevelopment
2015Broker, Seller's Advisor9 turbines, 30 MWDevelopment
2015K1Broker, Seller's Advisor7 turbines, 21 MWOperational
2013KOBroker, Seller's Advisor Negotiation and closing of a land lease agreement.-
2003ÖSBroker, Seller's Advisor3 turbines, 9 MWDevelopment