Project development references

The list below shows all wind project development projects carried out by Etha Wind throughout the company’s history.

Order yearCode nameEtha Wind's roleProject sizeProject phase
2022YEProject Development Consultant35 turbines, 350 MWDevelopment
2022KBProject Development Consultant18 turbines, 180 MWDevelopment
2022LAProject Development Consultant23 turbines, 230 MWDevelopment
2022SBProject Development Consultant7 turbines, 70 MWDevelopment
2020TPProject Development Consultant12 turbines, 120 MWDevelopment
2019UKProject Development Consultant6 turbines, 30 MWDevelopment
2019POProject Development Consultant5 turbines, 25 MWDevelopment
2019SAProject Development Consultant6 turbines, 40 MWDevelopment
2019TNProject Development Consultant9 turbines, 90 MWDevelopment
2019POProject Development Consultant50 turbines, 400 MWDevelopment
2018MAProject Development Consultant6 turbines, 40 MWDevelopment
2017HUProject Development Consultant14 turbines, 56 MWDevelopment
2016KL1Project Development Consultant8 turbines, 40 MWDevelopment
2015JUProject Development Consultant22 turbines, 150 MWDevelopment
2014TAProject Development Consultant5 turbines, 20 MWConstruction
2013Project Development Consultant7 turbines, 29.7 MWOperational
2003ÖSProject Development Consultant3 turbines, 4.5 MW-