Transaction services for Aurinkokarhu

Etha Wind secured international partner for Aurinkokarhu for the financing and construction of its PV portfolio

Etha Wind assisted Aurinkokarhu in securing a partner for Aurinkokarhu’s portfolio of mid-sized PV plant projects. Aurinkokarhu will now continue developing and constructing several mid-size PV-projects together with French IPP Smart Energies that has expanded to the Finnish market. 

Aurinkokarhu is a PV-focused project developer based in the municipality of Korsholm andspecialized in mid-sized and utility-scale PV plants. Complementing Aurinkokarhu’s focus, Smart Energies focuses on distributed projects with low land impact (rooftop, carport and small ground mounted PV projects).

“Etha Wind has a broad understanding of project development. Thus, they are able to see the bigger picture throughout a transaction process. Etha Wind’s consultants were able to point out and help us balance risks that it takes both legal and technical expertise to identify” says Andreas Renfält, CEO of Aurinkokarhu.