Project Development Services for Kvarnbacken Vind Ab

Kvarnbacken Wind Farm started from landowners’ own initiative.

A new wind farm project has been started in the Småbönders village in Kronoby, for which Etha Wind has been chosen to work as project development consultant. The project was started from the landowners’ own initiative, and after half a year’s planning and discussions, cooperation was started with Etha Wind.

Kvarnbacken is the first wind farm in the Kronoby area and consists of 6-7 planned turbines with a capacity of 8-10 MW each, hence the total capacity being estimated to 48-70 MW. The project is owned by Kvarnbacken Vind Ab, with Etha Wind acting as the project development consultant. The landowners have also established a landowner steering group consisting of four landowners. The steering group cooperates and is in close communication with the project development team at Etha Wind.  

Kronoby municipality decided on 12.9.2022 to start the land use planning process, and the land use plan is estimated to be ready for approval by year 2025. The wind farm is planned to produce electricity by year 2027.

Kvarnbacken is one out of four new projects for this year, where Etha Wind manages the project as an external project consultant.  “It’s been great to see project owners trusting us by putting their projects in our hands” says Project Development Team Leader Jukka Rönnlund, and continues: “To keep up with the increasing demand, we are recruiting more personnel to our project management team.”