Etha Wind – the leading Finnish wind power consultant

Etha Wind was established in 2002, when commercial wind power had not yet had its breakthrough in Finland. Today, we are the biggest Finnish consulting company in our field of business. In one way or the other, we have worked with a great portion of all Finnish wind power farms.

Landowners are our key stakeholders

Many of the projects we are involved in are landowner-initiated. By working with projects that are locally originated, we feel that the likelihood of success is higher compared to projects based on desktop studies. Often we manage to identify strong local spokespersons that lead the local information flow.

In this way, we are the investors’ Finnish partner, while still remaining super local with people living near the windfarm.

As many Finnish wind farms are located along the Swedish-speaking cost in the country, one of our strengths is strong language skills and the ability to speak to the local communities in their own language.

Our long experience from project communication supports one of our key consulting services very well; Technical Due Diligence. It makes a huge difference if the DD consultant has been purely consulting in permitting aspects, or if he or she has been in the heat of things, leading public hearings and talking to stakeholders.

Sustainable energy for two decades

Today, climate change is on everyone’s lips. We had a strong vision of producing energy in a sustainable way already in the early 2000s.

In the early times of feed-in systems in 2012-2016, many people thought projects mainly needed to be completed quickly.  In our opinion, projects need to be designed to be efficient and productive, and that opinion has not changed.