Etha Wind

We stand behind our plan

Etha Wind is not only a company selling expert services, we are a team that understands the whole wind power development process, all the way to project sales and operational supervision.  We have in-depth knowledge of wind power and wind characteristics combined with project know-how. Our team’s task is to reliably and promptly find out whether the projects are reasonable and profitable for the stakeholders. We are independent and we only recommend projects that we can be proud of.

Our projects withstand public scrutiny and strong winds

We design projects so that they can withstand evaluations and questions; both in public and in the court system. When planning, all stakeholders must be taken into consideration; landowners, the municipality, local residents, project developers, construction companies and the long term project owner in charge of the energy production. The impact of wind power projects on nature, traffic and local residents should be minimized. The starting point is that projects must be beneficial for everyone involved. Therefore, wind assessments and production calculations, layouts, noise studies, shadow flicker studies, and environmental evaluations, as well as feasibility studies should be done carefully and independently. We know the wind – thoroughly – and we want to put it to work – in a productive and environmentally friendly way.


A successful project for our customers

With our expertise and team input, each phase of the project aims at an efficient and sustainable solution. Our team does not only consist of individual experts, we work together and therefore understand the bigger picture. At every stage of the project, we quality check our evaluations, calculations and actions: Does this work in practice? Is this solution functional for both the environment and the people? Does this produce enough? How can we optimize the output? Our customers appreciate this approach – each of them wants their project to be successful.   

Climate friendly energy

Today climate change is on everyone’s lips. We had a strong mission to produce energy in a sustainable way already in the early 2000s. In the early feed-in system times, projects needed to be completed quickly. In our opinion, they had to be designed to be efficient and productive. Our mission is still the same – supporting energy production in a sustainable, profitable and environmentally friendly way. It gives us the opportunity to take sincere actions against climate change.

We implement sustainable projects with you.


Etha Wind – Sustainable business